When do you need consulting?
Contrary to appearances, many aspects of the translation process can be arranged differently,
given enoughtime and attention. We can help with:
  • Organization of the work and tasks of your translation department
  • Preparation of tenders for translations
  • Supplier selection
  • Translator training
  • Author training
  • Software selection
  • Optimisation of texts for translation
  • Preparation of editorial guides
  • Development of glossaries
  • Organisation of translations into many languages
  • Various other issues.
Please contact us and we will be happy to share our experience with you. We’ll alwaystry to help.

Logostrada sp. z o.o.
ul. Promienista 39
60-276 Poznań
Office hours:
Monday – Friday
9 am - 5 pm
(+48) 61 851 33 72
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