Alignment – combining existing resources

Alignment involves creating Translation Memories (TMs) from existing translations. To do so,we need the corresponding files in both languages. ATM created from these canthenbe used to update future versions of documents by keeping them consistent with their previous versions, while also controlling repetitive texts.

Terminology work

The key to a good technical translation is the use of carefully prepared terminology lists (glossaries). Preparing a well thought-out terminology database allows translations to be checked for terminological consistency in an automated way, thus ensuringuniform work, even if individual texts are translated by different translators.

To prepare a terminology list we need:
  • A text containing key terms for the customer
  • A list of standards containing key terms for the customer
[and of course languages]

Creating TMs

We can create TMs from previous translations, for use in subsequent translation projects. Often in the course of such work many uncertainties arise from inconsistencies between earlier texts, so this is a task that requires close collaboration with the customer!


If you’ve decided to create TMs and want consistent work with the use of terminology, it’s not enough to just provide the translators with scans or PDF files. Documents need to be carefully prepared,taking into account the rules of segmentation of various CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools. Target formats depend on the customer – theycan be plain text, or a properly formatted Word document or InDesign document, for example.

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