The rules contained in these Terms of Service shall apply to all current and future relations between the Office (Logostrada Ltd. represented by Agata Woźniak), and the Client, with regards to their mutual cooperation.

    The terms used in these Terms of Services means:

    • Terms of Service: This document, which is available to all interested parties on the official website of our Office;

    • Office: The translation office: Logostrada sp. z o.o., ul. Promienista 39, Poznań 60-276;

    • Client: The natural or legal person that ordered a translation or other service from the Office;

    • Order: The translation or other services ordered by the Client, by email, fax or in person, together with the document(s) which are subject to translation (in agreed formats), as well as indication of the person authorised to accept the Office’s Invoice;

    • Terms of Order completion: Time from the day following the date on which the Office has confirmed acceptance of an Order until the collection of finished translations (or performance of other services), although not less than 1 day (excluding holidays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays);

    • Express translations: Translation of up to 2,000 words for which the requested processing time is within 24 hours of confirmation by the Office of the Order (but starting no later than 3 pm from Monday to Thursday), for which additional remuneration of 50% of the standard rate is added to the Invoice;

    • Translation: Depending on the order, this will be a written translation in the agreed form, or an interpretation service;

    • Translator: A person appointed by the Office, having appropriate documents proving their language skills and expertise, or other sufficient references required by the Office;

    • Invoice: Prepared by the Office for each Order, the Invoice includes a detailed list of services provided by the Office together with the remuneration payable as a result of the agreement between the parties;

    • Date of Payment: Deadline for payment of amounts indicated on each Invoice, not exceeding 14 days. The Date of Payment is considered to be the day of crediting of the Office’s bank account.


    Receipt of Orders and materials for translation, transmitted by email or fax, are confirmed by the Office by email or fax, and include the following information: Order number, the price for the service, the amount of any advance payment due, and an approximate completion deadline.

    The Office has the right to refuse to take an Order, particularly if it considers that its performance within the requested time is not possible.

    The Office provides services which include provision of written translations based on Orders placed by persons authorised by the Client, upon confirmation of receipt. The Office reserves the right to refuse to perform a translation or render other services without giving a reason. The Office strives to provide translations and other services in a reliable manner.

    Translations and other services shall be deemed to have been completed at the moment of a Client being informed of the possibility of receipt of the subject covered by the Order. Written translations will be delivered by means of email or fax (in the agreed file format).

    Remuneration for individual Translations and other services provided is specified in the initial offer. The basis of the Order’s fulfilment is confirmation of such, as given by the person designated by the Client. The Office then issues an invoice to the person designated by the Client, by email or fax. Failure to provide conformation of delivery of completed Orders within two business days forms automatic acceptance and provides the basis for invoicing. Quoted prices do not include 23% VAT. Prices for very large orders can be negotiated. In the case of delays in the payment indicated on an invoice, the Office has the right to charge interest at 1% for each day of delay.

    The Office’s responsibilities, by virtue of guaranty and warranty, are excluded. The financial responsibility of the Office for any damage caused intentionally is limited to the amount of remuneration for the Order itself, which may be paid from the Office’s liability insurance. The Office is not responsible for errors in Express translations, however on the Client’s demand the Office is obliged to remove any mistakes without additional compensation, unless they agree that the error was introduced after return to the Client. The Office is not responsible for errors in translation caused by uncertainties or errors in the text of the original document(s) submitted for translation.

    Until full remuneration due is made by the Client, the copyright on the translation remains the property of the Office.

    The Client has the right to cancel the Order, however they are obliged to pay for any work actually performed.
  11. DELAYS

    The Office is not responsible for delays in the fulfilment of Orders due to force majeure (in particular server failures or electric power-cuts), or for delays resulting from causes existing on the translator’s side.

    The Office is committed to keeping confidential all information provided to them in connection with the Order.

    The Client declares that for the duration of their agreement with the Office, they shall continue to use the services of the Office and respect the terms of each agreement and the overall Terms of Service.

    Any disputes shall be resolved by an appropriate court in Poznań.

    In the event of conflicts between the Terms of Service and other contractual conditions under which Clients are working, the provisions of these Terms of Service shall take precedent.

    These Terms of Service shall not apply to contracts concluded with Clients to whom separate provisions of Civil Law shall apply relating to contracts with consumers.
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